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Change is Coming

What You Need to Know about Changes To Your Alarm Communications

This information is provided to inform you about pending changes to the cellular communication networks that will affect your alarm system.

What is happening?

Your alarm system currently uses a cellular communicator to transmit alarm signals to Security Central’s Quick-C.A.R.E. monitoring center. That cellular communicator uses the 2G cellular network which was available at the time of your equipment installation. The FCC is now allowing the cellular carriers to phase out the older 2G cellular network. In the coming months, the 2G network will no longer be supported by cellular carriers. At that time, your alarm system will not be able to communicate alarm signals successfully unless you update your alarm communicator.

Why is it happening?

Increasingly more consumers are utilizing smart phones that demand 4G network technology. By discontinuing 2G services, the cellular carriers are able to reallocate those network resources to the newer broadband platforms.

Is cellular still a good option?

While we offer a number of different alarm communication technologies, cellular is one of the most effective. With more and more homes eliminating traditional analog phone service, cellular alarm communication has become the current standard in the industry. However, we would be happy to discuss other communication alternatives with you.

Will cellular technology change again?

The current 4G cellular platform is expected to be the standard for the foreseeable future. But since technology advances rapidly, it is expected that cellular networks will evolve to new technology in the future.  At that time, 4G transmitters will likely need to be upgraded to keep pace.

What do I need to do?

Your 2G cellular alarm communicator needs to be upgraded to a new 4G unit. Security Central is offering a few upgrade options so you can choose the one that fits you best. Please fill out the form on this page and select from the available upgrade packages. Once you have submitted the form, we will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment.