Protecting lives and property is serious business, so we take the safety of your home and business very seriously. Nothing causes more devastation faster than fire. Therefore, we offer fire systems and services to help you protect what matters most. Whether you need preliminary fire system design, installation, or testing and maintenance services, Security Central’s certified professionals can help you. Our systems and services can significantly reduce your risk of catastrophic loss.

  • Addressable point-identification for quick response
  • Smoke/Heat Detectors
  • Manual Pull Stations
  • Duct Detectors
  • Fire Sprinkler Waterflow Monitoring
  • Horn/Strobe Notification
  • Fire Alarm Inspection and Testing
  • Fire Sprinkler System Inspection and Testing
  • Backflow Inspection and Testing
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Certification
  • Professional Engineering & Design
  • NICET-Certified Technicians

Great local company. Very professional and polite.

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Tremendous customer-service. They treat their people—both the employees and customers—with a high level of care. Their facilities and equipment are top-notch and Security Central consistently delivers on their brand promise.

Chris HorstResidential Customer

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Ron’s Bathroom Fire

As a fireman, Ron understood the devastation that fires can cause. Therefore, when he moved into his new home in the Stonegate subdivision of Parker, he chose to include monitored smoke detectors with his security system.

A few years later, Ron’s teenage daughter left a candle burning in her basement-level bathroom when she went to school that morning. The candle ignited some rolls of toilet paper that were stored next to the toilet.
Fortunately, the alarm system smoke detector that was located in the basement just outside of the bathroom detected the smoke. It then sent a signal to the Security Central Quick-C.A.R.E. monitoring center. The Quick-C.A.R.E. Responders immediately notified the Parker Fire Dept.

When the fire trucks arrived, the firemen were able to quickly extinguish the fire while it was still contained in the bathroom. The firemen told Ron that if the fire had just a few more minutes to grow, it would have penetrated through the basement ceiling and mushroomed throughout the entire house! Thanks to the Security Central fire monitoring system, Ron’s damage was contained to just the bathroom. Ron told us, “I’ve responded to a lot of fire alarms. Never did I imagine that I would have a real fire at MY house!”

Parker Hospital Fire Alarm

When the Parker Adventist Hospital opened, it boasted the latest life-saving technology, including its fire alarm system. The fire alarm system had over 1,000 detectors protecting the patients and staff in the large facility.  The state-of-the-art fire alarm was able to pinpoint the location of a detected fire and report that critical information.

The Parker Fire Department was delighted to know that their first-responders would be able to react faster by knowing exactly where to pinpoint the problem within the building. There was just one problem: The well-known national company that installed the fire alarm system did not have sufficient monitoring capabilities to handle the large number of detection points.

Therefore, the Parker Fire Marshal instructed the hospital to find a monitoring service who could properly track and report all of the information that the system was capable of providing. Since Security Central monitored the other Adventist Hospitals in the area, the Director of Safety contacted us for help. Of course, Security Central was able to provide exactly the level of service that the fire marshal required.

The fire marshal was so pleased, he came to the Security Central Quick-C.A.R.E. facility to watch the testing of the system from our monitoring perspective. He was ecstatic to see how his fire fighters could have pinpoint fire information relayed to their personal communication devices as they charge into a potentially disastrous and dangerous situation. He concluded, “That will save lives!”

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