Flood and Freeze Detectors Prevent Damage

Frozen pipes and malfunctioning water appliances can cause major damage. But with Security Central’s flood and freeze sensors, you can avoid a major catastrophe by detecting the problem early….before it does major damage. Water heaters, sump pits, washing machines, and ice makers are all common sources of water damage. Let us help you avoid those problems by adding flood & freeze sensors to your alarm monitoring system!

  • Leakage sensors for hot water heaters, washing machines, ice makers, sinks/toilets
  • Flood sensors for sump pits
  • Low-temperature sensors to prevent frozen pipes
  • High-temperature sensors for computer rooms and refrigerators/freezers
  • Critical equipment status monitoring

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Ron & Cindy HustonResidential Customers

I highly recommend Security Central! We’ve used their service for over 7 years and never once have they missed a beat. I really appreciate Security Central’s team keeping my family safe!

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Judy’s Washing Machine Flood

Marvin and Judy built one of the premier homes in Cherry Hills. With over 20,000 exquisite square feet, the home took over four years to complete. Every detail of the home was carefully crafted, from imported marble flooring to intricate woodwork and specialized wall coverings to display the many pieces of original artwork.

Marvin and Judy recognized not only their need for security, but also the threat of damage caused by environmental disasters such as water leaks or flooding. Therefore, they chose to have water leakage sensors included with their monitored security and fire alarm system.

That decision proved to be very wise, as a few years later one of their washing machines on the upper level ruptured and began discharging water onto the floor. The water leakage sensor detected the water beginning to puddle on the floor. The alarm system then shut off the main water supply to the house and sent an alert signal to the Security Central Quick-C.A.R.E. monitoring center so we could notify Judy of the problem.

Thanks to the water leakage sensor and the water-shut-off-valve, the water damage that occurred was limited to the immediate laundry room area. Without the flood detection of their alarm system, the water would have continued to discharge indefinitely, causing unknown damage to irreplaceable artwork and craftsmanship.