Every business owner knows the stress and cost of losing a key or not having a key returned by an employee who has gone A.W.O.L. Security Central’s web-based keyless entry systems give you the ability to easily control who can go where and when, all with the click of your mouse. No more worrying about lost keys. No more wondering if keys are being used outside of normal hours. With remote access to your system and our 24-hour support, we put you in control of your facility.

  • Smart Cards/Fobs replace old-fashioned keys
  • Automated schedules lock/unlock doors
  • Proximity Readers and/or PIN Pads grant easy access
  • Electronic locks control any type of door
  • Audit-trail reporting documents employee entries
  • Web-portal provides full control from any computer or tablet
  • System can grow from 1–100+ doors.

Security Central is the best…always friendly…helpful and knowledgeable…thank you for keeping my family safe all these years!!

Kathe LoranceResidential Customer

Tremendous customer-service. They treat their people—both the employees and customers—with a high level of care. Their facilities and equipment are top-notch and Security Central consistently delivers on their brand promise.

Chris HorstResidential Customer

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St. Mark’s Access Headaches

St. Mark Catholic Church in Highlands Ranch, like most churches, relies on hundreds of volunteers to serve the congregation.  However, with so many different people needing entry to the facility at different times of day and night, managing the keys and security of the facility soon became a nightmare.

Too many keys unaccounted for. Too many people coming and going without proper supervision. Too many doors left unlocked after hours. They recognized that their current manual key system was not working, so they purchased a traditional card-access keyless entry system.

The P.C.-based system did help solve some of the challenges they faced in managing their building access. However, they soon ran into new problems. The access system software was complicated to use. The person who had been trained on the system moved away. The computer that ran the system crashed.

Fortunately, Security Central was able to eliminate all of those problems by updating the keyless entry system to a Security Central EasyAccess system. The web-based system simplified their facility management by removing the on-site computer and software burden and replacing it with an easy-to-use web interface.

Now St. Mark’s staff can focus on ministering to their congregation while Security Central manages the access to their facility.