Local Security Monitoring Service for Faster Response

The most important part of any security system is the monitoring service behind it. Our Colorado-based 24-hour Quick-C.A.R.E. Center is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as one of the top-tier alarm monitoring facilities in the country. Our state-of-the-art monitoring systems and professionals keep you informed of potential problems via phone, text, email, etc. We are always awake and alert so you don’t have to be!

We offer customized services to fit your exact needs.
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With Security Central’s local monitoring service we know that our home is monitored 24/7 with people who live here and care about their customers.

Corbin WagonerResidential Customer and Realtor

“Security Central has always responded quickly to our false alarms. Always helpful and professional. We have used them for years and I would recommend them highly.”

Thomas Chow

  • Alarm Monitoring

    Provides Quick-C.A.R.E. Response notification of alarms or trouble conditions 24-hours a day to alert you of potential problems. We quickly relay critical information to you via phone, email, and/or text message.

  • Cellular Communication

    Eliminates the need for a traditional phone line and enhances alarm communication security by using wireless cellular technology to link your alarm system to our Quick-C.A.R.E. center.

  • TotalConnect

    Puts remote control of your alarm system and other automation systems at your fingertips via your iPhone, Android, or computer.

  • Environmental Emergency

    Alerts you of pending environmental threats to your family and/or property. Disastrous carbon monoxide, freezing pipes, flooding, and high temperature can be detected and averted.

  • Open/Close Tracking

    Creates an audit trail of arming & disarming activity based on individualized 4-digit user codes, providing valuable information about activities at your property.

  • Verified Secure Schedule

    Confirms that your alarm system at each location is armed by the proper time each night and not disarmed before the appropriate time in the morning. If any exceptions occur, you can be notified.

  • Activity Reports

    Proactively emails a report of your alarm activity periodically so you can be aware of employee activities.

  • Video Verification

    Enhances your security by connecting our Quick-C.A.R.E. Responders to your cameras in the event of an alarm condition. We verify if unauthorized people are in the secured area and take appropriate action including making audible announcements over P.A. speakers to stop the intrusion.

  • Elevator Entrapment

    Calms panicked passengers stuck in your elevator and initiates emergency response to rescue the entrapped occupants.

  • Web Portal

    Enables you to view important account information easily and securely via our website. Billing information, alarm activity, and notification call list info are all just a click away.