True security is all about peace of mind. You don’t want to worry about the safety of your home, your family, or your business. Our security intrusion alarms and monitoring services restore the peace of mind you deserve — day and night. Let our C.A.R.E. Consultants show you how easy and affordable it can be to know your home and business are secure.

  • Perimeter detection to include door contacts, window contacts, glass break detectors, security screens, etc.
  • Interior detection, motion sensors and asset detectors
  • Smoke/Fire detection to save lives and property
  • Freeze and flood sensors to prevent water-damage catastrophes
  • Carbon monoxide detection to protect family members and pets
  • Video camera integration
  • Automated control of door locks, lighting, and thermostats
  • Remote control via smart phone, tablet, or computer
  • 24-hour monitoring

I can’t imagine going to bed at night without turning on my Security Central alarm system.

Frank KocurResidential Customer

As our children grow up and purchase their own homes, my wife and I believe the best gift to give them is a Security Central security system. We had ours installed in 1986. We don’t know of any company that has been able to maintain a flawless relationship like Security Central.

Greg & Cindy SivettsResidential and Business Customers

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Enterprise Car Thefts

Rental car facilities typically have many shiny, new cars sitting on their lots. Those cars can be tempting for any car thief. Enterprise Rent-a-Car has many locations in urban and suburban areas, leaving them more exposed than the companies that only serve airports. Enterprise knows from experience that they are a target.

That’s why they rely on Security Central to help protect their Colorado locations. At a Denver location recently, the Security Central alarm system foiled another attempted break-in to steal cars. The intruders thought they could break in through the back door of the shop in the dark alley without being noticed.

But the Security Central alarm system certainly noticed them as soon as they broke the window of the door. The blaring siren and the immediate response of the Quick-C.A.R.E. Responder sent the criminals scurrying before they could penetrate the building and get to the vehicle keys.

Enterprise Regional Manager, Andy Stokes, reported, “The alarm system did exactly what it was supposed to; it stopped the significant loss of stolen vehicles.”

Dave’s Detached Garage

Dave B.’s vintage home near Washington Park has a detached garage that backs to an alley. The dark, secluded alley made the garage an easy target for burglars on the prowl.

Thieves broke in and stole Dave’s custom bicycles, specialty tools, and other valuables. Dave, of course, felt angry and violated.

In response, Dave had a security system installed to protect the garage as well as his house. A while later, the thieves came back, intent on stealing the new items that Dave may have purchased to replace the stolen goods. Little did the criminals know that they tripped a silent alarm in the garage when they broke in this time.

The Security Central Quick-C.A.R.E. center immediately notified Dave and the Denver Police Department of the alarm incident. The brazen burglars were still rummaging through the garage when the police arrived! Now there are two less burglars prowling the Wash Park area.

Tracy’s Scary Night

Tracy R. was sleeping soundly when she was jolted awake by the alarm siren blaring outside her bedroom. It was the middle of the night. Tracy was alone, as her husband was traveling for work, and she didn’t know what was happening.

Before she could even get out of bed to assess the situation, Security Central Quick-C.A.R.E. Responder Alexis was ringing Tracy’s cell phone. Alexis advised Tracy that we received an alarm signal from her back door and asked if Tracy was all right. Tracy was unsure why the back door alarm triggered; there was not supposed to be anyone else in the house. Tracy was scared, fearing someone may have broken through her back door.

Alexis calmly reassured Tracy that Alexis would notify the police. Alexis then instructed Tracy to lock her bedroom door and stay there until the police arrived. Alexis proceeded to stay on the phone with Tracy, calming her and updating her on the status of her alarm system.

When the police arrived, they discovered that the back door had not been latched completely and blew open in the wind. Tracy was relieved to know everything was okay. But she repeatedly thanked Alexis for staying with her on the phone to “hold her hand” during her time of fear. You’re welcome, Tracy. That’s what we do…we C.A.R.E. for our customers.